Whether you are a small business, creative artist, or an established brand; you've built a reputation for yourself, and your customers love you! Why not develop a new revenue stream, in a multi-billion dollar market, without having to worry about logistics, inventory, shipping, or even bothering to go through a lengthy product development phase? 

We take all the hard work out for you, instead you just have to pick the designs you want on the front of the candle, and we take care of the rest! 

why candles?

They illuminate to instantly change the atmosphere. 


They decorate, adding the perfect touch.


They invigorate your sense of smell. 

They invoke peace + relaxation. 

And let's not forget that candles are the most widely acceptable gift for any occasion because they’re affordable, gender neutral, and are used in almost every culture worldwide. It's no wonder, they are one of the most gifted products in the United States, averaging more than $3 BILLION each year. 

Capture your share of the candle market, grow your customer base, and increase your profit potential. Start by clicking here.

why our sustainable candles? 

While most candles on the market are made with paraffin wax and toxic fragrances, we refuse to allow any of these gross chemicals in our merchandise. Our candles are made with sustainable and non-toxic ingredients; meaning they won't harm you, your family, your pets, and certainly not your customers. We pride ourselves in having candles you can feel comfortable burning. 

Unlike mass market candles, Zero Waste Candles are designed in mason jars, for easy repurposing options. This means that your branded container can be reused over and over again, long after the candle has finished it's burn.

When you choose Zero Waste Candles, you are showing the world that your brand is eco-friendly, and cares about the health of the environment and your customers.

why our virtual storefront? 

It's simple, we have already established ourselves in the candle industry. Not only are you creating a product to sell to your clientele, you will also receive cross-promotion with an established company where people go to shop for candles that they already trust and love.

Plus while being included in our storefront, we will work together to implement and execute a marketing plan to establish the launch of your line, while also providing continual promotional support to ensure its success.

Being a partner with us allows you to constantly have new scents available for your collection. Everyone has their own scent preference, and popularity in scents changes per season. We allow you to diversify your offering to ensure maximum potential with your collection. Meaning you will always have a minimum of five different scents available for your candles, with a max of up to 12 that can change depending on the season.

breaking news: making candles is hard

From formulating scents to sourcing containers, testing wicks to finding the right protective shipping boxes, the barrier to entry to this market is extremely high. But we've already done all of that for you!


With us, you can sell premium + sustainable candles without having to worry about melting points and broken glassware. In essence, you can have all the benefits of a master candle maker on staff, with none of the stress or headache! 

see what our brands + artists are saying 

Logo_broken isnt bad.png

Broken Isn't Bad, Artist

the candle marketplace makes it so simple to have your own candle line! As an artist, it is so exciting to have my artwork on such a unique product, with so many different scent options. Having variety makes such a big difference when selling candles!


Healing & C-PTSD, Small Business

Being able to offer a product to our community that promotes self care is truly a blessing to our mental health community. We love that there is no headache of inventory, or shipping-- They make it so simple for a small business.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Kiana Azizian, Poet

As a writer, I am limited on the amount of products that I can sell, but having a new revenue stream for my creative outlet has been essential to my growth as an artist. Due to the success of the candle line, I am now able to offer other products as well.

breaking the mold for creating candles

Before our marketplace, adding candles to any product line was difficult and costly. You would need a relationship with a manufacturer and a fulfillment house and funding to purchase inventory. It simply just didn't always make sense, especially for artists, creatives and small businesses.


We're changing the industry by streamlining manufacturing and fulfillment to allow you to focus on what you do best: REPRESENTING YOUR BRAND!