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Holly is a Dream Oracle and Founder of Dream Oracle School. 

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When Holly first discovered she was a Dream Oracle, there were no others that she could find who were doing what she’s doing. She is the first to bring back spiritual dreaming and Dream Oracle work in the way that she is. She’s had several past lives as a Dream Oracle in Ancient Egypt and as Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece and now in this lifetime, she’s truly paving the way for the re-emergence of this ancient gift of Dream Oracle work back into the modern world.


Through her Dream Oracle School, she takes others on a conscious journey into the Dream World. She teaches them to understand their personal dream language so they can consciously receive the message and insights in their dreams.


She also has helped several of these students discover and awaken their own unique gifts as a Dream Oracle and they’re now doing dream readings for others to get messages and insights for them.


Holly works with private Dream Oracle clients (where she dreams on behalf of the client to receive guidance and messages for them), as well as, shares collective Dream Oracle messages on Youtube and Instagram


She’s truly changing the way we view and work with our dreams.