frequently asked questions

Does my money go to the artist? 

Yes! We created this marketplace so artists could create an additional revenue stream without any of the problems or logistics that can happen. They receive a percentage from every candle sold. We go to great lengths to protect an artist’s bottom-line so when we have sales or discount codes, we absorb the loss and their commission doesn’t change.


How long do your candles last?

This all depends on your burning style. Candles should be burned from 3-4 hours at a time, making our 12 oz candle to last about 60-80 hours. Our 1.5 oz minis go for 20-25 hours. If you burn your candle in 9 hour increments that time will decrease.


Do you offer sample scents?

We understand that buying candles without smelling them first isn’t ideal, but since technology hasn’t come up with a scratch and sniff option yet, we do have all of our scents in mini 1.5 oz mason jar candles. This allows you to sample scents before committing to a 12 oz candle.


Who makes the candles?

 Our parent company, Shanti Creations, produces them. If you would like to learn about the story behind Shanti Creations, please click here. 


What are your candles made of?

They are made with a natural coconut soy blend (no paraffin) and they are scented with non-toxic perfume and essential oils. Not every candle on the market is made the same, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our candles are thoroughly sustainable with no chemicals that will cause any harm to you, your family, your pets, or your following. Learn more about our candles here.


Do I have to be an artist in order to create a candle line?

Absolutely not! Anyone can. Think of us as a print on demand option for candles.  We have a wide array of different candle lines, some are artists, some are poets, some are coaches, brands, restaurants, and even charities. We believe that ANYONE can create a candle line, it’s just based on what you envision!


I want to create my own candle line, what do I do?

PERFECT! Start by filling out our initial application here. We are generally in touch within 5-7 business days to set up a time to further discuss the next steps.

If you have an urgent request, you can always email us directly at

Can I reuse my candle jar after?

YES! Absolutely! Our candles are purposely designed in mason jars for easy repurposing options! We offer attachment lids to easily reuse your jar, otherwise mason jars are so versatile that it would be hard not tot find a new way to reuse your jar. For cleaning out instructions please click here.


Do you only ship to the United States?

NO! On our website we only allow shipping to the United States. Shipping out of the country gets very costly, so we always ask that if you are located outside of the US, email us the products you are interested in and your address and we will look into the most affordable shipping option for you. We hope one day our candles can easily be shipped worldwide, but in the meantime, we will try to get the price down as much as possible for you. Email us directly


Why isn’t shipping free?

While we understand everyone has become accustomed to this type of offer, we just can’t cover the costs at this time. We do however ship through the Post Office, so every time you shop with us, you are also supporting this societal entity. Each of our candles is a little over a pound. This means that depending on where you are located in the United States, shipping for one or two Candles is $8.50 to $14.50. We always suggest if you want to save on shipping costs, purchase two candles at once (it’s basically the same price range). We do offer free shipping as a limited time promotion, so please sign up for our email list if this is something you’d like to take advantage of.